Wednesday, 3 February 2010

HUGE apology and lots of sparklingly good news!

Hello to all my lovely blog readers and thankyou for your patience, I can only apologise for the huge length of time that has passed since my last blog.. Many issues culminated to make blogging take a backseat but from now on I have dedicated time set aside!

So my first little bit of news is that I now live in West Yorkshire, I have come back to my roots and to where i grew up and have never felt happier, here is a lovely picture of the snow around Christmas time round here..

My Garden in the wintery snow.

My Christmas and New Year were good, I hope the same applies for all my blog readers, and that you all got what you wanted off the jolly man in the red suit :-)

Focusing on more glittery news, I am delighted to let you know that I have been selected to perform at the Missy Malone and Friends burlesque revue in Cheltenham, I auditioned for a slot and was contacted to be told I was sucessful.
My grin stretches from one ear to the other at the thought of performing alongside these highly talented artistes and also, I also offer my congratulations to Miss Sherry Trifle who beat tough competition and secured a spot at the Friday night showing.
Other showcase acts are Ditzy Diamond, Octavia Blossom, Darcy Du'Vet and Kitty Ribbons, who I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet but hopefully will one day.

Unfortunately tickets for the show have sold out but here is the the wonderfully designed flyer for you to oogle at!

January saw me pose in my first photoshoot of 2010, with the wonderfully talented John Clarke, of Resurrect Studios in Manchester. We completed a set with me resplendant in full Hillbilly get-up to promote my 'Hillbilly Highway' trucker girl themed routine, and we also played with pineapples (plastic ones!) to create a set of stunning Tiki inspired nudes.

Katy Kamikaze presents 'Hillbilly Highway' as shot by John Clarke (see Facebook for more!)

Katy Kamikaze's Tiki inspired nudes as shot by John Clarke (see Facebook for more!)

I am sure i have missed out a lot of news, and for this I apologise once again, but finally, I am pleased to say I have shot with my favourite photographic team recently, Wicked Heart, and I will be uploading pictures to my Facebook and Myspace accounts very soon!

I shall sign off for now as it is way past my bed time, tomorrow I shall write about anything else I may have missed since my last post (including the tattoo!) and what I have been reading and learning about in the last 3 months.

Sleep Tight!

Katy xx


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