Friday, 23 October 2009

HUGE apology in order....

My life has been so hectic of late I haven't had chance to write a blog!

Heres the news...

I moved from Hartlepool to Newcastle and now live with the super amazing Betty D'Light!
I have lots of stuff
I have been flying around Newcastle handing out CVs as I desperately need a job
I have worked at yet another CrinsonUK Guitars stall at Middlesbrough guitar show
I have shot with Yvette Bessels, amazing photographer!
I went to see Bowling For Soup and Zebrahead
I went to see ladies getting naked at Jeepers Peepers
and finally.... I have been super ill for the last week :(

So massive apologies for not keeping people up to date on whats going on in my world, you may all slap my wrist and it will not happen again.

Please leave comments/ suggestions of things you would like to know more about my life... i'll try my best to please you all.

Lots of love from (a still poorly) Katy Kamikaze xxx

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