Thursday, 3 September 2009

Tease! - Book Review (ish)

Hello sweethearts!

I was bought the following book as a present about a month ago:

Tease, by Immodesty Blaize

Now, close friends will know that I ADORE Immodesty, with the same love others probably devote to their spouse and children. To me, she is the ultimate woman, sexy, confident, charming, eloquent and dedicated.

I have spent the last month reading this delightful gem of a book, I admit I DID put it down for about a week and a half due to lates at work and an over stressy head, but swiftly picked it back up again and got straight back into it!

I'm not the kind to give away plots, but if you are into your burlesque in a big way, this opens up a fantasy land you will WISH you could immerse yourself in. The story follows a burlesque bombshell, Tiger Starr and her troupe of Starrlets on a journey through troubled pasts, big big shows, sequins, costumes and crime!

If you like reading books which have about 3 stories running at once this is good for you, you don't find out till later what the connection is but the clever clogs' among you would figure out the secret before that point, as i did!

All in all it is a fabulous read, it is gripping, but easy to read with a very extravagant story and lots of glamour. The only slight criticism I have is that in some points it gets incredibly unbelievable, and also, just personal opinion, i find it odd that every character has a strange name. I wouldn't say these are reasons not to read it, as, if you are in the swing, and have read through the first few chapters you tend to be so involved in the fantasy that you believe anything is possible anyway.

Thankyou Immodesty, this has made me love you even more (If that were possible)

You can buy your copy here. I have linked you to as i HATE Amazon with a fiery passion.

Go buy it and read!! I'm lending my copy to my amazing friend Betty D'Light, who I am currently internet shopping for shoes with via the wonders of MSN! Don't fret Betty.. i'm still here.... now then, ooooooooooooooh! PINK SHOES.....

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