Saturday, 5 September 2009

A Shimmy, A Shake and The Lindy Hop!

Friday began with me trudging to work, but this was no ordinary day! Butterflies danced in my stomach as nerves grew over my 7.5 hour shift about the performance I had that night. By 5.30 I think i had a whole butterfly world in there!

I raced home to pick up my bags and walked it to the train station (as my bank balance is in a dire state). Here I bumped into my friends from Hartlepool who were travelling down to see the show, and in Stockton, fantastic photographer Paul Wright hopped on and sat with us, also travelling down to 'The Headline Honeys'.

I quickly dashed into the dressng room when I got there, I was a wreck of nerves but so very excited! I had a checklist of things to do, apply pasties, apply makeup, twist my hair into cute curls, check my heels on the stage and slip on my slinky new dress.

I watched the other acts with a mixture of nerves and excitement, the beautiful Betty D'Light, dear friend of mine, was on first, fluttering her way through an incredibly sensual feather fan dance which only made me love her more! Then the wonderful Miss Frankii Wilde, performer and organiser of the event, made an impression in her spectacular balloon pop routine! complete with pick rhinestones everywhere!!

It was at this point I had to get ready for my routine, whilst the wonderful Miss Zara Ann shimmied her way through her routine.. I felt sad to miss it but I HAD to get laced into my corset and cool my nerves!

Before I knew it, my act was being announced and i had placed myself on stage, the music blasted and I felt a million dollars again. Not a single move went wrong, however, there was a costume mishap (which is easily fix-able!).

As i raced offstage after bearing my treasures, i was told my act was fabulous and went down well, it was all a blur though, as Ii hurried to get my dress back on to catch Betty's matador act! Which I can only describe as BREATHTAKING!!!

A quick chat in the dressing rooms chilled everyone out and we made our getaway as the place became infsted with chavs, to get back to Frankii's house and drink cups of tea!

Saturday started with a 9.30 train back to Hartlepool! I got into my house and ran around like a mad woman getting dressed to make my way to a 1940's day at Hartlepool Maritime Museum, where I was delighted to hear singing group 'Spot On' and watch dancing from the members of Lindy Jazz' dance club. I even learnt how to do the Lindy Hop!!

I will leave you with a video of the dance group (with singers in the background)... Oh and please excuse my clearly audible random conversation about shoes i was having with my friend Emma!

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