Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Making Up.. Hard To Do

Work = BORING.

'Trip to Boots for me' I thought to myself on the walk home!

I quickly plucked up my much needed supplies, L'oreal infallible foundation in porcelaine and Rimmel pressed powder in Transparent. Basics of my make-up bag which were currently running low.

Then a pop over to the Soap and Glory section would supply me with this months treat.
Now, anyone who knows me will know I tend to obsess about my eyebrows, i hate them, think they are too flat and make me look like i am constantly scowling. They are also pretty thin which means they have to be penciled in unless i want to look like the kind of girl who scrapes back her hair and drinks white lightening of an afternoon.

I purchased the following delight, the selling point being the eyebrow stencils on the back:

Soap and Glory - Arch de Triumph

The second I got home, I thought 'Now i'm gonna create killer eyebrows!'. I swiftly whipped the pencil out of the packaging, peeled off (VERY CAREFULLY!) the smallest stencil, as I possess the smallest shrew- like eyes ever seen on a human, and I began to happily pencil away.

I am guessing the stencils are more of a gimmick, I certainly didn't buy the product JUST for them. They were pretty stiff, so didn't bend with my head very well, but you know something? they are damn handy for the shaping of the inner brow and arch! and to match sizing for both eyes.. pleasantly surprised i was.

Now the pencil itself is pretty chunky, which now has me panicking as it won't ever fit in any normal pencil sharpener (or my make-up bag). It also isn't that amazing.. it does the job but its a bit hard to control, and blunts very quickly.

The most fantastic thing about this pencil is the brow highlighter!! Also very chunky and prone to blunting, that doesn't bother me too much as precision to highlight under the brow isn't as essential. What i love about it is it blends so wonderfully, as if it were eyeshadow or creme, after being pencilled on. And it really superbly lifts the brow!

Anywho, onto photos (please bear in mind I am definately still learning when it somes to make- up and I am definately not as good as some fabulous pin- up models out there)

Not brilliant lighting, but i also use: L'Oreal Infallible foundation in Porcelain, Rimmel Transparent pressed powder, Barry M Dazzle Dust, 17 Eyeliner (which isn't great), Max Factor falsh lash effect mascara, not sure on blusher and Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss by Soap and Glory.

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