Monday, 21 September 2009

Guitar girlie and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to Anna


Been busy busy busy little kittens...

Last Sunday I was working at a guitar show modelling for the awesome Mr Nigel Crinson of Crinson UK Guitars, I am his poster girl and business card hander outer, Which is easy if you are a blonde girl pretending you are a bit dozy and unfortunately not easy if you actually are interested in what you are selling... weird huh?

Here I am gracing Nigel's business card...

After this jolly jaunt we packed up and took ourselves (thats Me, Nigel and shop boy Matty) to Frankie and Bennies in Leeds... it was horrific and I will never eat there again!

So I shall fast forward a week.. because I only went to work in between.. and tell you about this weekend just gone!

I met up with Betty D'Light on the train down to Leeds for the Wet Spot, lots of girly chatter was had and we signed our cute birthday card for Anna! An innapropriate chatter in a 'quiet' coach later and we were arriving in Leeds. Betty found it hilarious when I got off and panicked.. I don't do train stations!

My papa was scheduled to meet us at half 6 and we were in early at half 4, so we toddled off, suitcases in tow, to Yates's for cheesy chips with vinegar!

Fast forward again to a brief chat about boobies and my dad picking us up and we were suddenly getting ready to razzle dazzle at the Wet Spot!! Betty looked ravishing in a vampy black ensemble with a flash of colour in her purple corset, her make-up and hair immaculate as always.. I didn't look too bad myself in Betty's cute leopard suit.. which I chose the Shrug section of to wear that night instead of the full Jacket. The photos of our outfits will appear soon, i promise!

We managed to settle ourselves down with Fanny Devine's fella, Rob.. I am pretty sure we cheekily stole his seats but he didn't say a word.. :-P Our tummies were fluttering with excitment, its nice to be able to relax and watch a show for once and not be wracked with nerves because you're in it!

It was a special 'Happy Birthday Anna' night, and lord, she does deserve it.. I absolutely ADORE Anna Fur Laxis! First on stage were Bibi Bon Bon and Betty D'Barbarella and their mexican wrestling skit which went down a storm.. then, forgive me if i get the order mixed up but we were treated to delights by Fanny Devine (we 'heart' her), Sherry Trifle (whose signature routine is just delicious), Cherry Shakewell (our jaws were on the floor), Des O'Connor (who is a vulgar, hilarious, lovely lovely man), Ryvita Von Cheese (we loved!), Myles Away (we didn't really love - sorry its all personal taste) and finally, Anna Fur Laxis... who needs no added comment as she is just... WOW!

It was a veritable feast for the eyes! highlights being Cherry's goldfinger routine, Des's necrophilia song and Anna's 'hurlesque' axe routine!!! Where somebody apparently fainted, it was THAT good!

We danced our socks off, we chatted to lovely burlesque people and we became weary and tired... so we called a cab, pulled off our false lashes, snuggled into our jammies and dozed off to sleep at 3am.

We had so much fun at the Wet Spot, and Leeds burlesque scene is such a welcoming one!

Signing off for now, kisses for you cats and kittens!

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