Friday, 11 September 2009


For skipping posts... I have been very busy organizing my life lately!

Big news is that I am moving to Newcastle! Going to be living with my good friend Betty D'Light! It shall be a house of burlesque and we will watch weepy films while sticking rhinestones to things!

More news... I am performing tonight in the 3rd heat of the Tournament of Tease, and I am sooo super nervous its untrue. Those butterflies are back now, i just hope the judges aren't too hard on me.

A big mention to Betty today as it is her BIRTHDAY!!

Shall post tomorrow to let you know how it goes, sorry this is such a short post but I will leave you dazzling beauties with a cute blog to look at - Epicute - the cute food blog... (click le pic)

Also, check out this amazing video by Kirsten Lepore, its in the top blog entry... on epicutes blog on page 17

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