Saturday, 26 September 2009

Hey all, please take a peek at the all new Crinson UK Guitars website, handcrafted vintage replica guitars made to order!

Here is a teaser screenshot with yours truely as the official poster girl! T-Shirts and caps will soon be available also I believe, with the logo on and a lovely image of myself!

Click the image to be taken to the site!

Monday, 21 September 2009

Guitar girlie and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to Anna


Been busy busy busy little kittens...

Last Sunday I was working at a guitar show modelling for the awesome Mr Nigel Crinson of Crinson UK Guitars, I am his poster girl and business card hander outer, Which is easy if you are a blonde girl pretending you are a bit dozy and unfortunately not easy if you actually are interested in what you are selling... weird huh?

Here I am gracing Nigel's business card...

After this jolly jaunt we packed up and took ourselves (thats Me, Nigel and shop boy Matty) to Frankie and Bennies in Leeds... it was horrific and I will never eat there again!

So I shall fast forward a week.. because I only went to work in between.. and tell you about this weekend just gone!

I met up with Betty D'Light on the train down to Leeds for the Wet Spot, lots of girly chatter was had and we signed our cute birthday card for Anna! An innapropriate chatter in a 'quiet' coach later and we were arriving in Leeds. Betty found it hilarious when I got off and panicked.. I don't do train stations!

My papa was scheduled to meet us at half 6 and we were in early at half 4, so we toddled off, suitcases in tow, to Yates's for cheesy chips with vinegar!

Fast forward again to a brief chat about boobies and my dad picking us up and we were suddenly getting ready to razzle dazzle at the Wet Spot!! Betty looked ravishing in a vampy black ensemble with a flash of colour in her purple corset, her make-up and hair immaculate as always.. I didn't look too bad myself in Betty's cute leopard suit.. which I chose the Shrug section of to wear that night instead of the full Jacket. The photos of our outfits will appear soon, i promise!

We managed to settle ourselves down with Fanny Devine's fella, Rob.. I am pretty sure we cheekily stole his seats but he didn't say a word.. :-P Our tummies were fluttering with excitment, its nice to be able to relax and watch a show for once and not be wracked with nerves because you're in it!

It was a special 'Happy Birthday Anna' night, and lord, she does deserve it.. I absolutely ADORE Anna Fur Laxis! First on stage were Bibi Bon Bon and Betty D'Barbarella and their mexican wrestling skit which went down a storm.. then, forgive me if i get the order mixed up but we were treated to delights by Fanny Devine (we 'heart' her), Sherry Trifle (whose signature routine is just delicious), Cherry Shakewell (our jaws were on the floor), Des O'Connor (who is a vulgar, hilarious, lovely lovely man), Ryvita Von Cheese (we loved!), Myles Away (we didn't really love - sorry its all personal taste) and finally, Anna Fur Laxis... who needs no added comment as she is just... WOW!

It was a veritable feast for the eyes! highlights being Cherry's goldfinger routine, Des's necrophilia song and Anna's 'hurlesque' axe routine!!! Where somebody apparently fainted, it was THAT good!

We danced our socks off, we chatted to lovely burlesque people and we became weary and tired... so we called a cab, pulled off our false lashes, snuggled into our jammies and dozed off to sleep at 3am.

We had so much fun at the Wet Spot, and Leeds burlesque scene is such a welcoming one!

Signing off for now, kisses for you cats and kittens!

Saturday, 12 September 2009



I only frikkin WON!!!!

Thanks to everyone who showed up to support me, I had so much fun and met some super amazing people!

Photos to come soon.. now go do something constructive with your lives :-P

Friday, 11 September 2009

GIVEAWAY on Fleur's blog...

taken from Fleurs blog:

'Apologies for the silence - I've just been so busy since I've been 'unemployed'! If I'm not out and about, I'm glued to the screen writing emails and working on the websites. A huge post about the Scandalous High Socie-Tea is in the works, but while you wait for me to tell you all about it, how about a giveaway?

I bought a vial of the fabulous Speakeasy Vanilla perfume from Wiggle Perfume on Etsy, following a post the other week about the shop by Solanah. Now I absolutely can't fault Solanah's taste, the perfume smells absolutely delicious... just not when I put it on my skin. The vanilla smell faded immediately and the frankincense smell amplified on me until it was overpowering. I tried it a couple of times, but I have come to the sad conclusion that this delicious scent just doesn't work with my body chemistry. However, since it obviously works for Solanah and also for the lovely Twila Jean at The Mysterious Life of the Metropolitan Housewife, I thought I'd offer this little gift to one of my readers, to try it out for themselves.

So here it is, a 5ml vial of Wiggle Perfume's Speakeasy Vanilla scent!

I'm just going to copy all the gals who've done giveaways recently and say that to be in with a chance, simply leave me a comment below, but for an extra chance, post about the giveaway on your own blog and send me the link.

This giveaway is open to anyone in the world. I'll announce the winner next Friday - the 11th. Good luck everyone!

Fleur xx'


For skipping posts... I have been very busy organizing my life lately!

Big news is that I am moving to Newcastle! Going to be living with my good friend Betty D'Light! It shall be a house of burlesque and we will watch weepy films while sticking rhinestones to things!

More news... I am performing tonight in the 3rd heat of the Tournament of Tease, and I am sooo super nervous its untrue. Those butterflies are back now, i just hope the judges aren't too hard on me.

A big mention to Betty today as it is her BIRTHDAY!!

Shall post tomorrow to let you know how it goes, sorry this is such a short post but I will leave you dazzling beauties with a cute blog to look at - Epicute - the cute food blog... (click le pic)

Also, check out this amazing video by Kirsten Lepore, its in the top blog entry... on epicutes blog on page 17

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Headaches = the devils work

I have awoken this morning with an absolutely stonking headache! I can barely concentrate and I am going straight back to bed after this post :(

I was meant to be in work but i can barely sit up without my head throbbing and no amount of painkillers help.

I pray i'm ok tomorrow, as i really can't afford to be off.

Keep your fingers crossed for me lovlies.


Saturday, 5 September 2009

A Shimmy, A Shake and The Lindy Hop!

Friday began with me trudging to work, but this was no ordinary day! Butterflies danced in my stomach as nerves grew over my 7.5 hour shift about the performance I had that night. By 5.30 I think i had a whole butterfly world in there!

I raced home to pick up my bags and walked it to the train station (as my bank balance is in a dire state). Here I bumped into my friends from Hartlepool who were travelling down to see the show, and in Stockton, fantastic photographer Paul Wright hopped on and sat with us, also travelling down to 'The Headline Honeys'.

I quickly dashed into the dressng room when I got there, I was a wreck of nerves but so very excited! I had a checklist of things to do, apply pasties, apply makeup, twist my hair into cute curls, check my heels on the stage and slip on my slinky new dress.

I watched the other acts with a mixture of nerves and excitement, the beautiful Betty D'Light, dear friend of mine, was on first, fluttering her way through an incredibly sensual feather fan dance which only made me love her more! Then the wonderful Miss Frankii Wilde, performer and organiser of the event, made an impression in her spectacular balloon pop routine! complete with pick rhinestones everywhere!!

It was at this point I had to get ready for my routine, whilst the wonderful Miss Zara Ann shimmied her way through her routine.. I felt sad to miss it but I HAD to get laced into my corset and cool my nerves!

Before I knew it, my act was being announced and i had placed myself on stage, the music blasted and I felt a million dollars again. Not a single move went wrong, however, there was a costume mishap (which is easily fix-able!).

As i raced offstage after bearing my treasures, i was told my act was fabulous and went down well, it was all a blur though, as Ii hurried to get my dress back on to catch Betty's matador act! Which I can only describe as BREATHTAKING!!!

A quick chat in the dressing rooms chilled everyone out and we made our getaway as the place became infsted with chavs, to get back to Frankii's house and drink cups of tea!

Saturday started with a 9.30 train back to Hartlepool! I got into my house and ran around like a mad woman getting dressed to make my way to a 1940's day at Hartlepool Maritime Museum, where I was delighted to hear singing group 'Spot On' and watch dancing from the members of Lindy Jazz' dance club. I even learnt how to do the Lindy Hop!!

I will leave you with a video of the dance group (with singers in the background)... Oh and please excuse my clearly audible random conversation about shoes i was having with my friend Emma!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Tease! - Book Review (ish)

Hello sweethearts!

I was bought the following book as a present about a month ago:

Tease, by Immodesty Blaize

Now, close friends will know that I ADORE Immodesty, with the same love others probably devote to their spouse and children. To me, she is the ultimate woman, sexy, confident, charming, eloquent and dedicated.

I have spent the last month reading this delightful gem of a book, I admit I DID put it down for about a week and a half due to lates at work and an over stressy head, but swiftly picked it back up again and got straight back into it!

I'm not the kind to give away plots, but if you are into your burlesque in a big way, this opens up a fantasy land you will WISH you could immerse yourself in. The story follows a burlesque bombshell, Tiger Starr and her troupe of Starrlets on a journey through troubled pasts, big big shows, sequins, costumes and crime!

If you like reading books which have about 3 stories running at once this is good for you, you don't find out till later what the connection is but the clever clogs' among you would figure out the secret before that point, as i did!

All in all it is a fabulous read, it is gripping, but easy to read with a very extravagant story and lots of glamour. The only slight criticism I have is that in some points it gets incredibly unbelievable, and also, just personal opinion, i find it odd that every character has a strange name. I wouldn't say these are reasons not to read it, as, if you are in the swing, and have read through the first few chapters you tend to be so involved in the fantasy that you believe anything is possible anyway.

Thankyou Immodesty, this has made me love you even more (If that were possible)

You can buy your copy here. I have linked you to as i HATE Amazon with a fiery passion.

Go buy it and read!! I'm lending my copy to my amazing friend Betty D'Light, who I am currently internet shopping for shoes with via the wonders of MSN! Don't fret Betty.. i'm still here.... now then, ooooooooooooooh! PINK SHOES.....

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Photographic Evidence!

So if you read this blog from the beginning you will note that I sucessfully shimmied my way through my first performance in over a year on the 28th of August!

And here is photographic evidence thanks to Paul, photographer for the Parish in Huddesfield..

Short post for today..... i'm sleepy and a little fed up!

more pics available to view on my facebook and myspace pages, just search for Katy Kamikaze on Facebook and add me, or visit my myspace

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Making Up.. Hard To Do

Work = BORING.

'Trip to Boots for me' I thought to myself on the walk home!

I quickly plucked up my much needed supplies, L'oreal infallible foundation in porcelaine and Rimmel pressed powder in Transparent. Basics of my make-up bag which were currently running low.

Then a pop over to the Soap and Glory section would supply me with this months treat.
Now, anyone who knows me will know I tend to obsess about my eyebrows, i hate them, think they are too flat and make me look like i am constantly scowling. They are also pretty thin which means they have to be penciled in unless i want to look like the kind of girl who scrapes back her hair and drinks white lightening of an afternoon.

I purchased the following delight, the selling point being the eyebrow stencils on the back:

Soap and Glory - Arch de Triumph

The second I got home, I thought 'Now i'm gonna create killer eyebrows!'. I swiftly whipped the pencil out of the packaging, peeled off (VERY CAREFULLY!) the smallest stencil, as I possess the smallest shrew- like eyes ever seen on a human, and I began to happily pencil away.

I am guessing the stencils are more of a gimmick, I certainly didn't buy the product JUST for them. They were pretty stiff, so didn't bend with my head very well, but you know something? they are damn handy for the shaping of the inner brow and arch! and to match sizing for both eyes.. pleasantly surprised i was.

Now the pencil itself is pretty chunky, which now has me panicking as it won't ever fit in any normal pencil sharpener (or my make-up bag). It also isn't that amazing.. it does the job but its a bit hard to control, and blunts very quickly.

The most fantastic thing about this pencil is the brow highlighter!! Also very chunky and prone to blunting, that doesn't bother me too much as precision to highlight under the brow isn't as essential. What i love about it is it blends so wonderfully, as if it were eyeshadow or creme, after being pencilled on. And it really superbly lifts the brow!

Anywho, onto photos (please bear in mind I am definately still learning when it somes to make- up and I am definately not as good as some fabulous pin- up models out there)

Not brilliant lighting, but i also use: L'Oreal Infallible foundation in Porcelain, Rimmel Transparent pressed powder, Barry M Dazzle Dust, 17 Eyeliner (which isn't great), Max Factor falsh lash effect mascara, not sure on blusher and Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss by Soap and Glory.