Monday, 31 August 2009

Stealing, Tidying and Rain

Today has been a strange one, I had work... on a bank holiday!!! It was quieter than a usual Sunday so incredibly boring!

(for those who don't know i work in an oh-so-glam call centre)

When I got home i tidied non stop until my ever messy room became a little less messy, then, feeling very unglamorous i decided to practise for a routine I am planning, I only just got a flutter of feathers before my phone buzzed with an incoming call.... who could this be?

Morning Star! what a lovely surprise! A call from my best friend is always a welcome one and i hung up my feathers with a smile to continue my conversation with the sparkling starlet.. but what's this? My talented, glittering confidante in noticable frustration - no - anger? upset? I wasn't sure..

Turns out some unfortunate events have taken place, it seems the burlesque world is not a glittering pom pom of polite princesses. Someone has quite probably stolen my best friends signature routine. The routine which can be clearly displayed by her profile pictures on social networking sites, and which she has perfected and mystified audiences with for some time.

It would not be fair to name names, in fact it would, but im not like that,however this particular person has a habit of copy- catting others. It makes me genuinely hurt to think some girls (or maybe even boys) would actively search for other's ideas to rip off, changing them only slightly to make them seem different or like it was an 'accident'. It really is not fair.

Burlesque performers like myself and Morning (and many others) spend days, even weeks just MAKING their costumes, usually from scratch and mostly by hand. It takes creative vision, talent, dedication and cold hard cash to set up routines. Then there is the enormous amount of energy and time it takes to choreograph and practise the routines to perfection.

A lot of girls (and boys) will expect that burlesque is about showing some flesh in return for a quick buck. No Way Hose. If you want to kick your heels and shimmy and shake with self respect and a good reputation you will want to do this in front of a dedicated burlesque audience. They do not want to see a half arsed, stolen, cheapened version of a brilliant routine, they do not want to see a stripper, they want to see a stripteuse.

Calming me down right now? the wonderful heavy pounding rain against my window while im tucked up inside in my lovely tidy(ish) room!

I shall leave you with a picture of one of the most beautiful people I have the pleasure of knowing, my dear friend Morning Star...

Morning Star
- a true talent