Sunday, 30 August 2009

Give 'Em The Old Razzle Dazzle

So, i used to have a blog back in 2007 entitled 'Model Musings', I could have picked that one back up again but i very much wanted to mark my dazzling return to the burlesque world with a shiny new blog!

The last few months have been busy, a rush of ideas would come, then nothing for a while, some determination to practise and create items, then again.. nothing. Working full time and trying to stay creative takes it out of you I can tell you! So I am very pleased with myself and currently giving myself a huge pat on the back for coming through the hard slog and now being able to say I am ready for my return to burlesque.

This was marked this last Friday just gone by my first performance in well over a year. I had my costume ready, the routine practised till it could not develop anymore, and I thought I would have nerves of steel.

However standing behind the stage's screen listening to the compere, my legs began to shake and my head span. 'But why?' I thought to myself. 'I'm among supportive friends'.

My mind flicked a switch as I heard the opening bars to my track and i lit up like the fairy on the Christmas tree, I was SO excited! I so very much loved the audience faces, i loved showing off my handiwork with the costume I have made, loved showing off my new found body confidence, most of all, i loved myself.

I felt comfortable, pleased and proud of myself. Not only is this return to burlesque a deeply personal achievement for me in terms of past issues with body confidence. But it also marks a new chapter, i feel more determined than ever to live my dreams, more ready than ever to meet new people and help, grow and giggle with wonderful like-minded people.

Thankyou to Daisy Cutter of Daisy's Peepshow for putting me on for my return to burlesque.

Also massive thanks to Morning Star, Ivy Wilde, Duke Wayward, Nelly Plums, Lexi Sexx, Lola Von Bomb and Brazen Charade for their support on the night, you are all gems in the ever dazzling sequinned pasties of burlesque!

Thats all for now, tonight I am busy sewing for a brand new act! Inspired by the handiwork of Morning Star.


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